Youth System
In July of 2007, Suwon took a new step into the development of young Korean players by establishing their U18 youth team along with the help of Maetan High School. The team is looking to make the academy into one of the premier youth development programs in Asia. With the main focus being on finding young talent in the community and turning them into stars on the field.? All students study in Maetan High School under the control of the public school, but the football team management is all done by Suwon. Their aim is to accomplish two things, study and learn football. Led by manager Hwang Dun Ka and assistant Kim Jin Woo, a legend in Suwon, the youth team is looking to make headway in Korea as the first successful academy of its kind.
One of the added bonuses for players who are selected for this team is the fact that they can share their living quarters with the Suwon stars of now in the clubhouse. For many of them, that is a great motivation. The city government help to found Maetan High School and selected them as the school that would host the U18 Suwon Bluewings side. Such great support has give good harmony to the team, school and the city.
Steps to becoming a leading support club
The vision from the leadership at Suwon is clear, don’t set unrealistic goals in the first few years.? Because the aim is for down the road, they can focus on developing the players for Korean football. To have a Suwon born player, trained by the Bluewings, made into a top professional is a high goal for this club. For that to be done, Suwon is looking to found U12 and U15 teams to help along the way.? With the best players from each team moving up each year until they reach the U18 team.? After that, the best can sign a contract with Suwon and realize their dream of playing professional football.
The coaching staff of the U18 know that to be the best, you have to play the best. For this reason, the team traveled to London this past year to play in the Chelsea Cup. They were able to make a good impression against the likes of Bayern Munich, Ajax, and River Plate.

Manager Hwang knows that his team is lucky to have such great support from the club. “ Our club gives us many good experiences to close the gap in world football and gives our players a chance to play to 100% of their ability. We will give our best support and we will develop the very best players for Korean football.”